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Wrapping Up 2012 and Launching Into 2013

Now that 2012 has come to and end and we have all returned to the normal routine, here are a few things we might take some time to consider before moving forward into the new year and getting swallowed up in the new routine:

  • Review your policy materials and make sure they are current and up to date. While you should review your policies to make sure they are in compliance with all legal requirements, this review also should be practical as well. Are your current policies working as intended or are there some that just need a different approach. A little reflection now can allow you to get these cleaned up for 2013 and help avoid the same issues you had in 2012.
  • Take a few minutes to clean up any employee-file-related issues. Are the employee files complete? Have the reviews been done in accordance with your policies? Are the required items contained in the file? On a side note, its always a good idea to audit your I-9 files and make sure all is well with those forms and that any old forms that are no longer required for retention are disposed of properly.
  • Evaluate your safety policies and training. Are we complying with all of the applicable OSHA requirements? Spend a few minutes self-inspecting your operations to make sure you are in compliance. Check the training requirements and conduct any annual training or refresher training that is needed.
  • Does your company have any employees subject to an employment contract and/or restrictive covenants? If so, check to make sure these are up to date and we have the required documents executed by the employee(s) at issue.

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