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The Great Kansas Smoke Out

Don’t forget that the new Kansas smoking law becomes effective July 1, 2010. As of that date smoking will be prohibited in most indoor public places and employment places, including within 10 feet of any doorway, open window, or air intake of a building where smoking is prohibited. 

 The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has created a special website to provide compliance assistance: www.kssmokefree.org. The website includes a Business Toolkit, which lists the following steps that business should take to get into compliance:
1.                  Adopt a written smoking policy to prohibit smoking in all areas of employment and communicate this policy to all current employees and all new employees upon hiring.
2.                  Remove all ashtrays and matches.
3.                  Post a no smoking sign.
4.                  Ask any person violating the law to stop smoking. Remind customers of the law and politely explain they must step outside to smoke. Train your staff regarding what to say to customers, for example: “We’re now smoke-free, you’ll have to put out your cigarette,” or “The new law prohibits smoking indoors.  Thanks for your cooperation.”
5.                  Refuse service to any person who continues to violate the law.
6.                  Ask any person violating the law to leave.
7.                  Notify law enforcement if the person refuses to comply.
The website also includes a sample business smoking policy, as well as a no smoking that can be downloaded. 

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