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Happy Halloween!
October for many means the changing of the leaves, digging those cozy sweaters out of the back of the closet, and cracking open the windows at night. For some, it’s a time for hot chocolate and hayrides, but for most, October means one thing . . . HALLOWEEN! It’s all about pumpkin carving, costume shopping, and figuring out which house in the neighborhood is going to have the mother-load of sugary goodness and which houses are going to be handing out (milk) duds.
For employers October and Halloween often present a witch’s brew of issues that unfortunately aren’t make-believe. From something as simple as deciding whether to allow costumes on Halloween to beginning to prepare for the New Year, now is a really good time to be proactively thinking about important employment-related issues. Unlike Halloween, in the employment world you can’t just turn your porch lights off and wait for morning so it’s always a good idea to address potential issues before they reach your door (bell). Like many homeowners on Halloween, the employers that are least prepared often are the ones who end up dishing out the most.

So don’t be a Headless Horseman when it comes to tackling some of these spooky and startling issues and instead, trick or treat yo’self to a few of our favorite Halloween articles from recent memory. If these articles get you thinking about some of the potential employment skeletons in your closet, it might be a good idea to get in touch with your employment lawyer. Come next Tuesday you might see us out as witches and warlocks, but we promise we’re really quite sweet.  


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