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Have You Updated Your Employee Handbook Recently?

Last month we provided a session on employer handbooks and policies to a group of HR professionals as a part of our 2019 HR Training Series. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights: 

Employee handbooks should be updated yearly. It is also important to have employees sign an acknowledgement of receipt after each update. This is because the acknowledgement the employee signed when he or she first started likely applied to a handbook that looked different than the current version.
Updating the handbook should be a collaborative effort between HR and your supervisors and managers. If the handbook says one thing, but your managers are doing something else, that is a problem. Consulting with management helps ensure that your policies are being consistently and even-handedly enforced.
Do you have these “must have” policies?
         At-will employment disclaimer
         Anti-harassment/productive work environment
         Equal employment opportunity (EEO)
         Family and Medical Leave Act
         Salary deductions
         Smoke-free workplace
Always follow your handbook for every employee. Inconsistencies between the policy and practice could come back to bite you.
For information on upcoming sessions in the 2019 HR Training series, visit www.foulston.com/hrtraining.

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